A Golfing Tip That Will Change Your Game

Want a golfing tip that will change your game? Well, it’s really according to where your game is, but for most day to day golfers what I’m about to tell you will radically change not only your game, but your enjoyment of it…if you will let it.I know; it’s really difficult to think that a simple golfing tip will have such a radical impact on your game. But it can. Just go with me here. So, what is this wonderful tip?Ready?Here it is…relax.That’s such a simple golfing tip that I bet you’re wondering if I actually told you anything. But I did. I told you one of the most profound tips in all of sports. Think about it like this. I’m sure you’ve watched professional golf or other professional sports on TV. In general, professionals don’t strain and they don’t struggle. (They do when they’re getting off their game and losing, but that’s a different story…or is it?) Professionals play their sport with an easy grace. They can be relaxed and graceful because their bodies have essentially memorized what they need to do. They don’t need to think about the various movements of their sport, where to place their hands, how hard to swing, and all of that. They can relax and let their game flow.You can do this, too!I know what you’re thinking. This golfing tip is all nonsense. Sure Tiger Woods can relax. He’s…well, Tiger Woods. But you can relax too, and you’re game will get better.There are two ways to achieve this golfing tip.One thing you need to do is to remove your ego from the game. Quit worrying about the outcomes, and start having fun.The other thing you can do is a little more concrete golfing tip. It’s easy to relax and play golf well when your body knows what to do. This is called “muscle memory” in sports. And muscle memory comes from lots of practice, correct practice. So, what you need to do is to finally learn how to really swing your golf club in a very natural, correct way.The golf swing is a completely natural movement. As part of this golfing tip, one thing you need to do is to swing your club in a completely natural way. Here’s a golfing tip that will give you a feel for what a natural golf swing should feel like.Get a golf club and grip it at the handle. Now swing it in front of you like your chopping wood. Don’t move your arms, just flex your wrists. Next do this same motion, but from the side. Add a backswing to that and you’ll have a real golf swing.Now, this is a golfing tip you can take to the bank…or at least the golf course.